Sunday 9 February 2014

Times have changed!!

Gallery card #5 by Philippa Reid
Gallery card #5, a photo by Philippa Reid on Flickr.
I think I'm suffering from blog withdrawal! I always used to post photos of quilling projects that I'd been working on every few days ... but how things have changed! Right now I'm working on several major pieces of quilled artwork which I have to keep secretly 'under wraps' for the foreseeable future - and they are going to take me most of this year to complete! I'm so excited about these projects, but I cannot share them yet. So, personal blogging - which has been an integral part of my life for the past few years - is going to have to stay 'on hold'.

Meanwhile, it's no secret that I'm currently also engaged in publishing The Quilling Guild's members-only blog and editing Quillers Today, the Guild's high-profile 32-page members' magazine which is published three times a year. For me, stepping into the Editor's role has been a real privilege. It puts me closely in touch with Guild members across five continents, and requires me to keep my finger firmly on the pulse of all the latest developments in the world of Quilling. I am learning so much ... and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to share each new discovery with our readers. I can honestly say that, having retired from my full-time career in marketing a few years ago, this new role as an Editor is definitely the best job I 'never' had!!

So, please forgive me if my posts here are a little sparse over the next few months. Happily, though, I've just received a request from my local gallery to produce a fresh stock of quilled cards for them to sell, and the latest of these designs is shown in the the photo above. It's great to get back to card-making again, if only for a short time. You haven't heard the last of me just yet!!


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