Thursday 8 November 2012


A couple of years ago, I was inspired to create some quilled designs in the style of the 19th century English artist William Morris. You can find the posts about them here, here and here!!

Well, I was prompted to return to his wonderful works this month by the subject of another Homyachok Challenge: Quilling Task No. 11 - Paintings and Ornaments.

This particular challenge requires quillers to produce a creation which has been inspired by a particular art style, so of course I immediately thought of William's influence on the 19th Century 'Arts and Crafts' movement and set to work!

My quilling was inspired by the William Morris design 'Snakeshead' which takes its pattern from the rare and delicate 'snakeshead fritillary' flower that graces secluded English meadows in Spring.  The colours are different, even the pattern is different, but somehow the feel of the bold teardrop shapes and delicate leaf branches is the same.

I wrapped each of my teardrop shapes with gold-edged, pearlised gold strips to give them extra definition, and made the branches from narrower 1.5mm strips for added depth.

Here, for reference, is the original William Morris 'Snakeshead' design:

And here's another photo of my quilling, which now forms the front of a very special greetings card:

It's my pleasure to enter this work into the Homyachok Challenge.  Wish me luck!!


  1. This is really lovely Philippa
    very nice .Good luck in the challenge

  2. Your ideas and works are always original!

  3. Good Luck, dear...So nice attempt!!

  4. What an interesting creation! It's really pretty unexpected, cute and inspiring =)
    Thank you for joining us at Homyachok challenge blog this time!!
    Well, frankly speaking we were speaking of the folkart, not any specific painter, but I suppose that these snakehead ornaments look distinctive enough to let us accept this project. So, good luck ;)

    1. I've amended my post slightly, because I didn't fully realise about the folkart context for the challenge which got lost somewhere in translation! However, William Morris was actually a very influential artist who was one of several who led the 'Arts and Crafts' movement in 19th Century England - and the 'snakeshead' design is very typical of this 'Arts and Crafts' genre. So hopefully my design still fits!!

    2. Thanks for extra information :-) yes, we decided to accept without any doubts ;)

  5. wow, lovely. it would make a nice piece of pendant or brooch too. good luck!

  6. Stylish colour combination ! This is such a great work!

  7. awesome design love the colors, good luck in the challenge !!!

  8. Oh my! Oh my!! So beautiful-gorgeous-extraordinary! Love it!!



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