Wednesday 23 February 2011

My water lily girl

The image for this card is another gorgeous one which I obtained copyright-free from The Graphics Fairy (such a brilliant site!)

 I love this picture of the girl with flowing hair sitting so delicately in a floating water lily flower - she looks so serene and warm, and the image makes me imagine being beside water on a beautiful summer day.

I've added some rolled-together strips of yellow and orange to enhance her golden hair, plus a single pink teardrop made using one of my new metallic-edged strips to echo the shape of a petal. An image like this really doesn't need much quilling, but I think it makes a lovely card.


  1. Hi Philippa,
    this is so fabulous card. Nice combination design


  2. You really can find a lot of cool images on the graphics fairy. Love how you enhanced the image with the quilling, it looks fabulous

  3. What a very brilliant way to enhance that beautiful graphic image. Really lovely!
    Just visiting from the Graphics Fairy to check out your fabulous creation.

  4. Very pretty. I would not have the patience to quill. I so admire folks who do it. Very clever with the image in the background.

  5. Thanks everyone for visiting. I've made so many new friends thanks to The Graphics Fairy!!

  6. I love the way you combine the photos and the quilling. Superb ideas.
    Dr Sonia S V



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