Tuesday 8 February 2011

Night and Day!

I've called this design 'Night and Day', but it could just as easily have been 'Trial and Error' because it's a classic example of how I tend to change my mind about things as I go along!!

The background is actually a computer-generated grid of four squares, three of which I filled with deep blue, leaving the fourth free for a photographic 'blue sky' image. I had intended to use this as a background for the flower I featured in my last post, with the flower reaching towards the light, but it didn't really look that good, so I scrapped the idea. However, I never like to reject a card completely, so I had this vision of a 'half-sun/half moon' image to join the sections together, using half-circles cut from gold and silver paper, plus a little quilling! I added the peel-off star just to balance everything up.

I can't see this design ever becoming a best seller, but I like it - and it was fun to make, which is the most important thing I guess!


  1. Philippa,

    Very creative. I loved his concept of day and night.

  2. Pretty! I can see it selling well... people like something a bit different.

  3. different, like it alot, good job!

  4. I think it was a really great idea. I like the day/night combination

  5. I like it! The use of white on white and yellow on yellow background looks good.

  6. Oh, thanks everyone! Maybe it turned out to be a better idea than I thought ...!



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