Tuesday 26 April 2011

Lovely lilac!

Camera image

The photo on this card is a close-up of a lilac flower - and there are so many different colours in it!

When you look carefully, you can see pink, mauve, purple and magenta - and all shades in between. I tried to echo this in my quilling, using combinations of strips to make my coils. Some are crimped, some plain ... and some with sparkly metallic edges.

Following my success with scanning (see my previous post) I thought I would try scanning this finished card too.

The picture above was taken with my camera, but the one below was scanned. As you can see, the scanned image is straighter and squarer, but there is loss of sharpness on the 'Happy Birthday' lettering due, I guess, to the thickness of the quilling. Also, you cannot easily see the edges of the card. On the other hand, the camera picture is sharply in focus throughout but darker and not quite straight. However, I could probably have lightened it in Photoshop before posting it here.

Which do you think is best?

Scanned image


  1. I like the one taken with camera,very sharp in detail.The one scanned looks good to, but maybe if you changed the lighting, to make it just a little darker, and change the contrast alittle it would look closer to the first one. All in all the card is Beautiful, the picture of flowers and the quilled one look so great together!!!!

  2. Lovely Work Philippa. I like the photograph better than the scanned image but unless you look carefully difficult to spot the differences.

  3. Either one is good but I would have to say that the photographed one is better

  4. I liked the first one more, the colors are really nice and bright in the first one :)
    Beautiful card Philippa :)

  5. Yes, I agree with the general consensus that the photograph is better. Paula, I tried your suggestion about 'tweaking' the scanned image in my photo editor, but unfortunately it still didn't fix the focus issue though I was able to make the image darker. Anyway, I will continue to experiment, and I'm glad you all liked my lilacs!



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