Wednesday 27 April 2011

Quilled greetings from the bluebell woods

Bluebells are in full bloom here in England right now, and on Saturday I took my camera to photograph them in a beautiful stretch of Hampshire woodland. They seem to like shady places, and these ones thrive beneath the bright green canopy of ancient beech trees.

I've used two of my photos in the background for this card, and my first instinct was, of course, to quill a bluebell for the central section. But then I recalled all the other delicate white flowers which were growing in profusion in amongst the bluebells, complementing them perfectly. You can see them in the photo below. For me, quilling is all about complementing the subject of a background photo. So I decided to make my central quilling one of these instead!


  1. Beautiful as usual, really love the back ground!

  2. good choice for your quilling motif. It looks lovely on the background. Love the card.

  3. This card looks so special.



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