Monday 25 January 2010

Creativity and coffee jars

Now that I've made my first successful quilled paperweight, I can't wait to get started on making some more.  And I'm realising that I don't just have to use purpose-made moulds - I can use everyday objects, too.

This coffee jar has been sitting on my kitchen shelf for ages, and suddenly I noticed that it has a beautiful glass lid which is hollow inside - just perfect for pouring resin into.

So, as soon as I've created a quilled motif to fit inside it, I will be 'casting' this as a paperweight too.  The main difference will be that the resin will stay permanently inside the glass instead of being 'turned out' of a mould.  The top of the coffee jar lid will become the base of the paperweight.

As I go round the supermarket this afternoon, I'll be looking for other interesting shaped jars and containers that could be used in this way - there's so much potential here!

Oh, and before I forget ... welcome to my blog, Nagela!  I am very happy and honoured to have you as a Follower.

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  1. woow you really have some fantastic ideas.I have just bought resin and then I was looking around for some moulds.I found these glass candle holders they are somewhat flat with a 4 mm deepth.So as soon as I get some pluck up to use the resin I will then put it into Forum. thank you for showing me this and you are a great artist



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