Friday 22 January 2010

Welcome, my friends!

Nel, Inna, Anny and Martina - I am so pleased to welcome you as my followers! Thank you all for your good wishes.

This is my first-ever blog, so I am still learning how to do it!

Inna, thank you for the tip about my Google profile - I think that I have fixed it!

Nel, j'ai ajoute un traducteur de Google sur ce blog - mais je pense qu'il ne fonctionne pas? Dis moi, s'il te plait!

Anny, you are so right about the smell of the resin when I made the paperweight. I had to wear a mask, which made it much more bearable.

Today I sold some of my quilled cards and earrings at my regular Friday market, and - better still - I had a big order from the owner of a local shop.  So I am going to be busy next week. And I can't wait to make more paperweights!  More news soon ...

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  1. Philippa!
    I loved your blog. I am already a follower.



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