Thursday 21 January 2010

Quilled paperweight

Well, this is a first for me - a paperweight containing quilling!

To make it, I created the quilled motif that you see, and then embedded it in Clear Water Casting Resin.

It's quite a simple process: you measure out the resin, add a few drops of a special catalyst, mix well and then pour a base layer of the catalysed resin into a special mould. (I used a dome-shaped one.) After 20 minutes or so, the catalyst causes the resin to start setting. The next stage is to dip the quilled motif in resin and lay it on top of the base layer which is now jelly-like in consistency. Then you mix up some more resin with the catalyst and pour it on top of the motif to fill up the mould. After about 24 hours, the resin has set solid and you can ease the paperweight out of the mould. Turn it over, and you have a lovely paperweight!

What I really love about this is the way the quilling is reflected in the domed top of the paperweight, creating multiple reflections.

I'm going to be making a whole lot more of these!


  1. bonjour et longue vie à ce nouveau blog.

  2. Congratulations on your new blog, Philippa!

    I noticed that you'd become my follower, but your blog wasn't shown on the profile :( So, thanks for letting me know via Flickr!

    You should use the Blogger profile or update your Google profile with the link. As far as I remember, it's a bit tricky yet possible. Let me know if you need help.

    Warmest regards,

  3. I have made one of the paperweights before, but the smell was too strong to bear (process of making). I ove paperweights too!!!

  4. Hi Philippa, so nice to find your blog via the comment you left on mine. I'm always happy to meet another quiller. :-) I've been curious about using resin with quilling, so this post is great. Re the odor, a friend has been using a bamboo resin (to make coasters) that she tells me is non-toxic and has lots less of a smell. I'm not sure where she buys it, but google might turn it up.

  5. Hi, Philippa, and welcome to the quilling blog community! I actually still have a resin paperweight that I made over 30 years ago. I think that the materials and molds have changed quite a bit for the better. Your paperweights are so pretty and I really like how you used the resin in the jar lid in your Coffee Jar Paperweight post.




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