Saturday, 28 January 2012

Never say "never"!

Regular followers of Quilliance will know that I've 'never' been much of a 'craft kit' person. Instead of utilising stamps, stickers and peel-offs for my cards, I've generally preferred creating original design elements of my own.

However ... I guess one should never say "never" about these things!!

Last week, I was honoured to discover that my blog had been featured in Let's Make Cards magazine. Naturally, I went straight out to buy the publication, and found that it came with a bumper pack of card blanks and embellishments (backing papers, die-cut images, ribbons, glitzy stick-ons, pre-printed greetings etc) plus some 5mm quilling strips and a curling tool. (This particular issue - number 48 - has a major feature on quilling.)

As you would expect, the designs featured in the magazine make use of the elements contained in the kit - and so - on a whim as much as anything - I decided to have a go!

Well, I've got to tell you, dear readers - I had FUN!! I spread all the backing papers, die-cuts etc out on the table and waited for inspiration to strike. It didn't take long. I selected a few items, and started playing around with them to see how they might look good together, and how I might incorporate some quilling. Being me, of course, I had to bend the rules a little by cutting up some of the images, and punching a few shapes of my own out of the patterned papers - but I really got absorbed in it.

Some of the die-cut pattern strips were printed on really thick card which I realised would make perfect retaining borders for a section of beehive quilling. The matching backing papers had great potential as backgrounds for quilling - and the pre-printed greetings? Well, I usually print my own, so why not mix and match some of these ready-made ones to complement the quilled motifs that I made using strips from the kit?

Here's the first card I produced:

Having enjoyed the process of making that one so much, I decided to move ahead and create a second - for this one, I decided to echo the printed motif on the side of the die-cut jug in quilling:

(Yes, I've even added a border of lace ribbon along the edge of the card, and raised up the jug image on a sticky pad!!)

So there you are ... I'll never say "never" again! Maybe there is a place for craft kits in my creative life after all ...


  1. Philippa, your cards are live proof to never say never :) I really don't like craft kits but after this post... who knows... Lovely cards

  2. Once upon a time the prepackaged kits and extra goodies were mighty lame (we're talking extreme cheese; I usually tossed 'em or gave them away ;o) I think though, that someone out there in manufacturerville must have finally figured out the whole potential/repeat customer thing and decided to do a better job.
    Love your blog!

  3. It is so beautiful the lace and the quilling look so good texture vise!

  4. Your cards shows the beauty of creativeness!!! The challenge of using other materials than paper strips explored your talent and let´s see your amazing job!! Love them too much!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!! Have a nice weekend!!

  5. very cheerful cards! looks like you are having lots of fun!

  6. Philippa,
    I loved his work. The use of new inputs and creativity result in beauty.
    I do quilling, but also like to make punch art and sometimes mix the two.

  7. You did a really great job on both cards, love the designs!!!!

  8. Love, love the cards, Philippa! The additions of the embellishments look wonderful. The quilled designs are perfect. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed your story :) hugs

  9. Loved the yellow & blue flower....very cute!!!:-)

  10. Love them. It's always fun playing with something new.

  11. Love the cards Philippa - well done for experimenting with something different. Always good to challenge oneself!!!!! Congratulations on having your blog "in print"

  12. beautifully colored and very beautiful I love your work
    Greetings Baukje

  13. Love what you do with the birthday card..Here is my Liebster Blog Award for you

  14. Hi Miss Syaz!
    Thank you very much for the award, which I feel honoured to receive
    from you. However, it seems to me that as time goes on there are not
    many blogs left to pass the award on to ... so I hope you will not be
    upset when I say that I've decided not to pass it on any further.
    It's a really nice idea, but I do feel that having to make all these
    award nominations creates extra work for busy bloggers - especially
    when blogs without the award are getting increasingly hard to find! I
    do hope you will understand...

    With thanks again and kindest regards

  15. beautiful cards!!
    Nati from Brazil

  16. Hello Philippa! Your projects are beautiful. I like the colors.



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