Sunday, 26 February 2012

A little quilled delicacy for Mothers Day

I've been playing with those 1.5mm strips again (that is, 3mm strips cut in half)! They are fiddly to work with, but very rewarding as the end result is so delicate.

I made the little floral motif for this card at a quilling workshop I attended last week. Fellow members of the Quilling Guild will no doubt recognise the distinctive style of Beth Henderson who kindly led the workshop and provided us with the elegant quilled design to copy.

On Beth's advice, I made the swirly flower stems from a pair of strips that had been glued together and dried overnight - so much stronger and easier to glue than single 1.5mm strips. The fringed flowers were made using hand-fringed 3mm pink strips - the first time I had ever attempted fringing quite so small!

I decided to mount the quilling on an embossed background which I created using my Cuttlebug and then trimmed down using a Victorian-style deckle cutting blade.

The end result looks both intricate and delicate. I think it might make a lovely Mothers Day card.


  1. very delicate, love the embossed background, I agree it would be nice as a mothers day card , very nice !!!

  2. c'est raffiné et doux

  3. It's your original style and the embosed cartoon is so special.It's so difficult to work with 1,5 mm strips but the result is awesome!

  4. The narrow paper is so effective in adding delicacy to quilling, i think. Love that little rose!! And the embossed frame really sets the design off, Philippa.

  5. it's very pretty and I agree, it would make a lovely mother's day card

  6. Very delicate. I congratulate you for your patience.

  7. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments (et aussi Nel - merci!)

    I try to reply direct to everyone whose e-mail address is listed on Blogger ... for those who aren't, please know that I appreciate your comments very much.



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