Monday, 16 April 2012

A new quilled pin brooch - my entry for the Homyachok Challenge!

I'm taking a break from my regular market for a couple of weeks, which has given me the chance to catch up with making some quilled jewellery. This first piece I've made is a new pin brooch which is formed from pairs of conjoined-strip 'P' coils topped off by some little fleur de lys shapes which I made from tiny huskings. The colours in this piece are a bit crazy, but somehow the purple and orange seem to work quite well together and I think the finished brooch might also look good when pinned on to a black fabric. I'm always concerned about the durability of designs like this, so I've coated the outer edges of each shape with PVA glue to strengthen them, and then sprayed the whole thing with two separate applications of clear lacquer. Believe me, it's now one tough piece of filigree!! I'm going to see if I can sell this piece in our local gallery, and will let you know how I get on. Meanwhile, I have also entered this piece into the online Homyachock Challenge which, this month, is focused on quilled jewellery.

Here are a couple of other things I've made:


  1. Of course, you know that I'll still be thrilled! :))) I love your work! Big hug.

  2. Wow ,such a wonderful brooch!love it !
    I joined Quilling cafe from your blog.Still I didn't posted anything yet !
    Wish you luck with your projects and ...have a big hug from me.

  3. very nice brooch, bet that was fun sealing it.
    Really like the earings to, love the colors!!
    have a good week!!!

  4. The colours ARE Crazy which makes it more spectacular! What size strips do you usually use for your jewellery?

  5. Bravo Philippa!
    Delicate and very beautiful!

  6. you've had a very productive break, the jewelry is so pretty.

  7. Wonderful pin brooch! Love the rainbow of colors. And the earrings are very delicate and sweet.
    Very happy your creations got sound and safe to their destination!

  8. Hi Philippa..u r always making variety the colourful brooch...all the best dear..

  9. Hi =) cute creations! Wanna take part in a quilled jewelry challenge on Homyachok challenge blog: ? =) just add a link and a banner ot your post, we'd love to have you among the participants ;)

    1. Hey, thanks White Raccoon - I've just entered the challenge!

  10. Its very beautiful and very attractive brooch. You have done great and joyful work. Its look too cool and sweet.

  11. This brooch is lovely Philippa, I must try quilled jewellery soon!

  12. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. I try to reply direct to everyone whose e-mail address is listed on Blogger ... for those who aren't, please know that I appreciate your comments very much.

  13. Красиво,
    но не хватает баннера задания и ссылки.

  14. Очень красиво! Так изысканно получилось!

    Удачи в задании Хомячка!!!



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