Thursday, 2 August 2012

Still here!!

I can't believe it ... ten days have gone by, and I'm in yet another of those 'long time, no post' situations! What's my excuse? Well, I've just done a quilling demonstration in an elderly care home (more of that in a future post); I've been helping to publicise The Quilling Guild's forthcoming annual display of quilling (the highlight of my calendar!); I'm preparing work to display at our village art show on Sunday - and I've been restocking with cards and earrings for my regular Friday market, where sales have been quite healthy of late.

Also, I've been delving deeper into the fascinating world of Photoshop, having a go a creating a hand painted, 'watercolour'  look for some of my photographic cards. I start with one of my own photographs, and apply various filters to generate an artistic appearance - it's absolutely magical! And, needless to say, the end result provides a brilliant background for some quilling.  Let me show you what I mean:

You'll be seeing plenty more of these in future posts, I'm sure. Meanwhile, it's busy, busy ... I really must get back to mounting some quilled earrings that I've just finished making!!


  1. You are very busy! But it's good! ;) The card is beautiful!

  2. Perfect match in shape and colours ! I give you a "gold medal" for this !

  3. lovely card,and congrats on all your acheivements, busy busy. Keep up the great work your doing. I dont think I could do all that your doing ,admire you so!!!!

  4. a beautiful card!
    I love you work
    Greetings Baukje

  5. Well you do have a busy schedule don't you? The card looks great and the effect on the photo makes for a great background for your quilling.

  6. Hi there~ I really like your work~I actually like the fact that u use little quilling on ur cards~ The way one small piece of quilling complements the other elements of the cards is beautiful~ Good job~




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