Monday, 17 September 2012

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Well, what a wonderful weekend we've just had at the Quilling Guild's annual celebration of all things quilling here in the UK!

On Saturday, we had our Annual General Meeting, coupled with competitions, demonstrations, the chance to buy all manner of quilling supplies ... AND the most breathtaking displays of paper filigree work. Then, on Sunday, we had our equally fabulous Shared Ideas Day at which quillers from across the world gathered to socialise and learn techniques from one another. My senses are still on overload, and I would not have wanted to miss a single minute!

I'll be posting lots more detail about what went on over the course of the next few days, but I want to start with the pictures that I promised of my winning entry in the Quilling In A Frame competition category.  (I was delighted to be awarded Third Place out of a total of 14 entries - the biggest group by far - and what fantastic entries they were!)  Unfortunately, I couldn't get wi-fi in the hotel where we were staying, and if I had tried to upload the pictures over my painfully-slow Vodafone connection, I would still be waiting for it to finish now!  So here goes ...

I actually completed this picture last winter, after several weeks of work. It was originally inspired by the design of a beautiful ceramic tile which hangs in our downstairs bathroom, and I saw it as an opportunity to try out just about every type of quilling shape I know!

So I utilised pinched eccentric coils (the lemons); vortex coils (many of the bricks); open filigree work with solid coils (the fruit trees, steps and balcony); marquises, teardrops and eyes (everywhere!); wheatear huskings (the plant and terracotta pot); 'packets' of flat crimped strips (the distant ocean); beehive coils to fill in the windows and door; a mixture of contrasting marquises and beehive coils (the waves tumbling on to the beach) ... in fact, just about every technique I could think of!

To give the picture depth, I added the balcony, starfish and seaweed as separate layers, and had the whole thing framed in a triple mount (not shown) for added impact.

I worked on a tracing of the shapes delineating the various sections of the picture, which was covered in cling-film and held in place by pins on a mounting board. In order to keep the picture within straight edges while I was quilling, I purchased the inner mount first and worked within it, using a reverse bevel cut to hold the quilling in. I lifted the entire quilling from the board in a single piece (an anxious moment, believe me!!), before gluing it to a neutral-coloured backing paper (pale blue) and taking it to be framed.

I feel very proud of this picture, because it is definitely the most ambitious piece of artwork I have ever created, and I was delighted by the admiring comments that I received from so many Guild members on Saturday. I'd like to thank ALL of them for giving me their vote!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and very original. I can see all the different techniques and it has so much color and texture. I love it! A very well deserved win.

  2. Philippa this is great picture. So much work, and brilliant effect!!

  3. It is such a pretty picture. Congrats on your achievement Philippa. It was very interesting reading how you did it. So much work involved. Please post more pictures. Eager to know all about the exhibition

  4. This definetly looks amazing~I love it..Congrats on ur sure is a great project.heheh.

    Also i.m glad u had fun on ur meeting.looking forward to reading more about ur experience and ur learnings..


  5. Philippa, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your entry is absolutely stunning and will be a wonderful piece of art to hang in your home. As always, you've generously shared your knowledge by explaining here how you made it. Great tip about working within the inner mount.
    I'm so pleased for you.
    Meg Crawford - Polly & meg's Treasures.

  6. Wow that is fabulous. So much work in that. You did wonderful

  7. Philippa,
    This is a beautiful and laborious work.

  8. very beautiful piece. and congratulations on winning!

  9. Congrats on ur winning...Its great to see most of all quilling techniques at one wonderful art...Beautiful!!!

  10. Absolutely out-of-the-world.

    Superb work.


  11. Congratulations Philippa....Thank u for all the details about the programme nd Ur work is amazing one..! can say Its brilliant coz u r using all the techniques at one canvas....!! love it...

  12. Congratulations, Philippa! This quilling piece is great - there is so many detailed things to see over.

  13. Congrats!
    Very pretty picture, detailed and bright. lots of techniques. yet not overwhelming. Good job!

  14. CONGRATS Philippa on your award!! I love your new piece!! The vibrant colours and the different quilling techniques used, make this piece very appealing. Thanks for telling us about your inspiration and the process of construction and quilling. May you go onto quill many, many more masterpieces!!

    1. Thank you so much, 'Anonymous' ... and now I'm wondering who you are?!

    2. I've just discovered the identity of the 'Anonymous' commenter: none other than Licia Politis herself!!

      I am honoured that you should admire my work, Licia - thank you so much!

  15. Even if I wasn`t there you took me with you through your writing! Love your work, CONGRATULATIONS! so happy for you cause you deserve to be appreciated!

  16. Congratulations..!!

    And yes this piece really is stunning... :)

    QUilling Love

  17. great creation



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