Saturday, 1 December 2012

Still here!

Quilling workshops ... Christmas markets ... gearing up for the launch of the Quilling Guild's new members' blog ... well, those are just a few of my excuses for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks.

I have been quilling - honestly! - but it's been work on another of those 'secret projects' that I'm going to have to keep under wraps for a little while yet.

So, because it really is high time I broke the silence, I'm going to share with you a card that I entered into the Guild's recent competitions for 2012. The theme for the Greetings Card Category this year was 'Sport', so I decided to adopt an Olympic theme with a row of medals (gold, silver and bronze), alongside the Olympic flame and a winner's laurel wreath.

As you can see, I used a cut and folded tent card for this design, and created the ribbons for the medals using two-tone 'beehive' twists and a coloured paper background. The medals themselves were made using crimped, solid-coil strips edged with shiny metallics.

More from Quilliance soon - I promise!


  1. Love the idea and quilling!!!

  2. Very nice, love the medals!!!
    I to have been so busy at christmas Markets the last 2 weeks and nearly sold out on my small items, but thats why I havent been able to check my favorite blogs till now. good luck with the Guild !!!

  3. This is a great card - I love the ribbons :-)
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  4. Come on, I admit, your excuses are good. :)
    But do not wait long for the secret project. I'm impatient! This card is great with details.

  5. gorgeous card !!!

  6. beautiful I love your work!
    Greetings Baukje



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