Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year ... new cards!

Well, I'm finally back to making a few cards again after quite a long time spent doing other things (one of which has been launching the Quilling Guild's new blog - such an exciting new development!).

I have always liked the 'framing' effect that embossing brings to a design, and for these cards I used one of my Cuttlebug folders which features an attractive profusion of swirls set around a plain rectangular space in the middle.

I wanted a bold, bright centre for these designs, so decided to glue a piece of coloured card to the centre of each. Then it was 'just' a case of adding some quilling!

The design on the left features a crazy combination of vortex coils, a 'twisted' wheatear, 'beehive' work and closed loose coils ... a bit 'off the wall' in classic Quilliance style, but I like it!

The central card is a bit more conventional, incorporating gold-edged strips to go around the purple shapes in the middle section of the motif.

The right-hand card is another 'crazy' one, featuring two-tone beehive twists inside an asymmetrical ring of vortex coil diamonds.

It's great to be back making cards like these - they give me such a great opportunity to experiment.

Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. Have missed you on here and Face Book, but figured you were very busy, your cards are lovely I really like the one on the left and the embossed backgrounds really help the quilling stand out nicely !!!
    wish you and yours the best of 2013 !!!

  2. Very pretty card, Philippa!
    Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

  3. Beautiful combinations and details! I love your style! A good start of the year!

  4. Great combination! I love the embossing folder you used but the quilling is perfect and makes the entire work look wonderful!
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. All are very nice Philippa.
    wish you a happy new year

  6. I like the one on the right best! Black and gold, classic! Love how the embossed texture added details to the cards!

  7. Happy New Year! Love your latest designs

  8. Your quilling is always unique and it stands out amidst embossing perfectly :)

    Happy New year and wish to see many more creative cards..

  9. Love how the embossed backgrounds frame your work so perfectly. Lovely!

  10. Love your new projects! The quilling and the bold colors against your crisp white background is beautiful!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  11. Very pretty background nd beautiful quilling...! Wish you a very happy New year Philippa...



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