Thursday 20 January 2011

More springtime quilling

Everyone was very kind about my ballerina (see yesterday's post), but, to be honest, I'm not sure that quilling delicate little figurines is really quite my thing! I'm much more into the colours of Nature, unusual patterns and bold designs ... so I'm pleased to get back to my Spring theme once again with some floral quilling for this card.

The flowers in the top right-hand picture are from a photograph I took last Spring, featuring one of the most amazing floral displays I've ever seen. A brilliant array of bulbs and flowering plants had been assembled in a deep planter outside a tea shop that I visited in Marlborough (southern England), giving rise to such a profusion of colour that it literally took my breath away. In this design, I started by quilling just one of the flowers (a white-petalled daisy with brilliant sun-burst centre), and then added just a few more coloured shapes to echo the petals in some of the other blooms. The linking S-coil is, of course, in my favourite lime green which is guaranteed to lift the colour in any quilled design!

The photo at the bottom left features cherry blossom - another very welcome sign of Spring.

I'm pleased with this one ... hope you like it too!


  1. I love how your quilled flower looks with the photos. Great job pairing them together.

  2. I really like this card.The panels in background with the quilled flower are great together, nice job!

  3. The photos and the quilling are both lovely.



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