Thursday 6 January 2011

New digital horizons for my quilling

UPDATE: To find out more about digital quilling using Photoshop Elements, please click here.

ORIGINAL POST: I've recently invested in the Photoshop Elements photo-editing software package - and it's brilliant!! I'm still blundering around, discovering how to use it and exploring all the features - it's quite a learning curve for me! But I've already discovered some amazing effects.

To make the background for this card, I uploaded a colour photograph that I took last year of the 'scarecrow lady' who stands in our village pond, keeping guard over a floating duck house. By checking out the various effects in the Photoshop image editing menu, I stumbled upon one which turns a normal photograph into what looks like a charcoal drawing. What a transformation! I've used the resulting image as a background for this quilled card, adding some bright yellow quilled flag irises which really do grow around the pond in summer.

I'm really pleased with the effect, as the picture now has quite a restful, almost historical feel, and it sets off the colours brilliantly. Can't wait to try more of these ...


  1. Love your card Philippa...I have been using photoshop elements for a few years now and love it. When I make my memory cards I edit the pictures in photoshop first then print the picture out and make the card. It has a lot of great effects and is not too hard to figure out.


  2. Oooh, your little flower is a ray of sunshine. I love how it stands out with the black and white photo.Great digital effects with the drawing.

  3. Cheryl and MariLynn - you are both very kind! I'll be taking this card to the village market tomorrow, so we'll see whether my customers agree LOL!!

  4. You are going to absolutely love photoshop elements. So many possibilities. I see you've already found that out though. It is a little tricky to learn at first but you don't seem to be having too much trouble finding your way around. I love what you've done with this card, it looks fantastic.

  5. I'm loving it already, Ann! Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. I love the iris against the black and white image!

  7. Thanks Ann - I think it works quite well.



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