Wednesday 5 January 2011

Quilled flowers and lace - part two!

The set of digital lace images that I mentioned in yesterday's post also included this pretty ring border. I thought it looked lovely on a pink background, and then all it needed was the addition of some simple quilled flowers (made from red and pink strips, folded together).

It feels so good to be crafting again ... happy days!


  1. I love the combination of digital and quilling. I have done a bit myself and am working on a valentine's card.

    Great work, Philippa

  2. You've really mastered this! Lovely!

  3. That does look very pretty. Love the ring border. It's perfect.
    I wish I could say I was crafting again but I seem to be in a slum since the holidays ended

  4. Sounds like a whole new world is opening up with the digital options - how nice! Loved the little folded flowers.

  5. I'm sure this digital art has great potential - so glad you all like it!

    I look forward to seeing your Valentine card, Cheryl.



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