Monday 24 January 2011

Snowdrops and a quilled winter aconite

Well, the snowdrops really ARE coming up in our garden - but the weather is turning cold again, so who knows how long we still have to wait for Spring?

To cheer myself up, I've made this simple card featuring a photo of some of last year's snowdrops, which were growing alongside the tight yellow buds of winter aconites. I decided to quill one of the aconite buds which, like Spring itself, is tightly closed right now but full of promise.  Another month, and we should start to see Nature really stir ...


  1. Hi Philippa!
    Your card is so beautiful and delicate. I loved it!

  2. such pretty flowers, the real ones and the quilled one

  3. I love your photograph cards. We're still a good six weeks from snowdrops... but I have hope!

  4. So nice !It looks good against the photograph.

  5. Thanks everyone - I think it does us all good to have a glimpse of Spring!



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