Sunday, 21 February 2010

Adding colour to quillings

I've recently discovered Charlotte's excellent blog, The Art Of Quilling, and was inspired by an article she'd posted there about highlighting sections of quilling with coloured blending chalks. You can find it at Keen to try it for myself, I went along to my local craft shop - but there were no chalks to be found! I thought that maybe I could order some on eBay, but was then struck by the idea that I could try using the brush marker pens that have been gathering dust in my craft room for months - and they work really well!  I applied colour using the thick end of the marker, holding it sideways on. This was the technique I used to deepen the yellow on the inner sections of the quilled flower petals on this card, matching the natural colour gradation in the photo. Thanks, Charlotte for the inspiration!

This card is one of a batch I've just made this weekend for a new outlet, which I'm really excited about. A cosy new French cafe has recently opened in our village, and the owners have given me the opportunity to try and sell some cards down there.  So I'll be going along tomorrow to deliver them ... and maybe take time to savour a cup of hot chocolate whilst I am there!

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