Saturday, 27 February 2010

Two more quilled paperweights

I've just made two more of the clear resin paperweights with quilling inside. I'm learning how to polish them using 'wet and dry' abrasive paper and jewellers' rouge - it takes time, but if you use progressively finer grades of abrasive, it's possible to get a really smooth finish which then can be buffed to a shine with the 'rouge' liquid. This method seems to be very effective at removing rough edges caused by air bubbles which inevitably collect around the base edges while the paperweight is setting in the mould.

The paperweight with the coffee cup in it is a gift for my friends at the cafe. I cut out the photo of the cup from one of their menu sheets, and mounted it on some 'coffee and cream' coloured coils to match the picture.

Quillings like this need to be spray varnished before embedding them in the resin. Making these paperweights has been a bit of a learning curve for me, but I'm getting the hang of it now. Just as well, because I received an order yesterday from a friend who wants a paperweight with sea shells in! I'll be choosing some pretty shells for this next week ...


  1. j'ai traduit avec ton traducteur en ligne et j'ai bien compris... merci de tes explications

  2. Great Philippa and your work too.

  3. Gorgeous paperweights Philippa! I have just tried this process for the first time this past week. Much smaller and mine did not turn out so nicely. But your work often inspires me, so I will try it again!
    Best wishes

  4. That's great, Shelly - I'd love to see how your paperweights turn out. Perhaps you will post pictures on your blog? I found there was quite a steep learning curve when I first started the resin casting, learning how best to handle the chemicals and how to minimise the problem of air bubbles, but it's gets easier the more you do it. The main thing I have learned is not to attempt to unmould the castings for at least seven days, by which time they are completely dry and pop out very easily. (It seems to take much longer than the instructions say!)



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