Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A little quilled parrot - or is it a cockatoo?

I've just created this little guy, based on a design I used many years ago in my pottery painting days! I had painted him on to the side of a vase, and when I looked at him the other day I realised that it would be easy to re-create the shapes of his body and feathers using teardrop and marquise quilled coils. So this is the result ...

You will never guess what the background pattern is!! Last weekend we were at a railway station, and my husband took a very blurred photograph of a stationary train by accident! (He forgot that his camera was still switched on!!)  When I downloaded his photos, I found this amazingly vibrant image:

The colours are the red, yellow and blue livery of a commuter train, set against the dark background of the station platform at night time. Instead of deleting it, I decided to add it to my collection of photo backgrounds for my cards. There really is beauty to be found in everything!

Quilliance has a new follower! I'd like to give a very warm welcome to Quill Seeker, whose blog I discovered yesterday. Like me, she's blogging about her ongoing craft projects, and it's great to be able to share ideas.


  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I love that you made use of this accidental photograph. It really is an interesting image.

  2. Nice to meet you
    Wooooow.....It's soooo amaziiiiing....I love this design of quilling....and photograph efect..

    hugs: Susan Quilling

  3. Very cute bird! Love how you turned the oops photo into a perfect background.

  4. Cute bird...or should I say parrot.

  5. Hi, very cute bird... I like it. Thank you for sharing...:)

  6. awesome ,, i so love quilling and i even better love parrots,only thing i would change is all parrots have hook bills,, love it tho sweet

  7. i am a bird lover...totally fascinating to see such a parrot ... it looked as if just now it would talk to me ... i wished i had a parrot to ,but now no problem i would rather keep this in a small little cage ...(it would save money after all)...lovd it its just a stupendofabuolouslymagical a creation....



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