Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Quilled sea creatures ... and blossom on my cherry tree!

I thought I would try quilling some sea creatures this week, and here's the first result:

Once again, I've used a section of my trusty rainbow photo background for this card. I cropped into the colours, so that I had yellow as a sandy sea-bed base and blue/green for the water above. I'm thinking of doing an angel fish next, and maybe a mermaid. Watch this space ...

Meanwhile, the blossom on the cherry tree in my garden is at its most beautiful right now, so I took some photos yesterday for use on cards like this one:

Our weather is fantastic at the moment, with brilliant blue skies - BUT the volcano that is currently erupting in Iceland is apparently sending a cloud of ash and dust right over the United Kingdom, many thousands of metres above us. Some days I can smell the sulphur, and sometimes the blue sky has a slightly grey tinge to it - but otherwise you wouldn't know. The weirdest thing is that no planes are flying, so the skies are quiet as well. It's all very strange ...

Anyway, I'm going to carry on making lots more cards this week, because they are selling really well at our local cafe, which is great! I do hope that the customers like my sea creatures, because I can definitely feel an angel fish coming on ...!!

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  1. So very nice! No wonder your cards are selling well.



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