Monday, 7 June 2010

Quilling with men in mind ...

Creating cards for men is always a challenge. And because their cards are usually bought for them by women, you have to get inside the mindset of what women think their men would like ... aaargh!!  Anyway, Fathers' Day is coming up here in the UK (on 20th June), and it's our village festival on Saturday when I'm hoping to sell some cards on the market stall, so I thought I'd better get started on a few Fathers' Day designs.

Cars, beer, sport and steam trains always seem to be popular themes, so I came up with these 'photo montage' designs, enhanced by just a little 'abstract' quilling:

At this time of year, most English men also seem to be interested in cricket. We have a very picturesque cricket green here in our village, and I took a photo last year of a game in progress - it's proved to be one of the most useful shots I have ever taken! I've sold a birthday card design with quilled cricket bat and ball many times over, so I thought I'd adapt it for Fathers' Day this year (see the card on the right). Plus I made a monochrome version as well, with just a little spot colour picked out in green. It's surprising how versatile a single photograph can be!

Of course, the next big event coming up is the World Cup, so I suppose I'd better create some more football cards too! I really look forward to getting back to flowers and butterflies ...

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