Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quilling with a twist

At last ... I've had time to get back to some quilling again! And I couldn't wait to start experimenting with the new crimping tool that I've just bought to give my strips a wavy effect.

Crimped strips give a great impression of rippling water, as I've tried to suggest in this card design. (The background photo, by the way, was taken by my husband on our holiday in Herm - it was supposed to be a picture of me standing on the beach, but somehow he managed to leave me out of the shot completely!! It makes a lovely background for a card, though ...)

And this card features some of the lovely shells we collected in Herm, with a few quilled specimens to complement the photo. I think the crimped strips echo the texture of real shells quite nicely.

I've only managed to make two other cards this week, both of them featuring photos that I took in the gorgeous English country gardens we visited last Sunday. Summer has finally arrived here in England, and the flowers in the gardens were fantastic. I used my crimping tool again to create wings for the butterfly, whose body is highlighted using silver and gold gel pens.

Many thanks to all of you who have been visiting Quilliance during the past week. I hope to catch up with the postings on all my friends' blogs over the coming weekend.


  1. These cards are lovely - the crimping really emphasises the shapes, well done! I think the shell colours are fantastic and it really matches the photo. From Jo at The Craft Room

  2. I just came across your blog from Flickr and WOW - your quilling is just lovely! I'll be sure to visit often!

  3. Hi Sue - thanks for your visit and lovely comment! You are most welcome.

  4. I quilled a pic of a dolphin under water with underwater plants..It was my real firt pic I quilled. I learned from the mistakes..



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