Sunday, 30 October 2011

Now I've got the cuttle bug!!

Guess what I got for my birthday? A Cuttlebug embossing and die-cutting machine! So now I'm off on a new creative tack, and I've definitely got the 'cuttle bug' big time!!

Over the past few months I've noticed quite a few quillers producing some beautiful work on embossed backgrounds, so now I'm trying it for myself.

Here's my first attempt: an embossed butterfly on an oval cut-out, complemented by some quilling and mounted on a card with an embossed edge pattern. Once I'd processed the butterfly shape in the Cuttlebug, I found it quite easy to colour it in using brush marker pens. I decided to quill the flower using 1.5mm strips for two reasons: firstly to complement the delicacy of the embossed side pattern, and secondly to restrict the overall thickness of the finished card since I'd already had to glue on the cut-out oval as an extra layer. (Here in the UK, we have to pay more in postal charges if a card is more than 5mm thick, so every extra millimetre counts!) The vertical purple line is a 3mm quilling strip.

For the second card, I embossed a cut-out oval with a different pattern, coloured it very roughly with a few strokes of a brush marker (just to catch the raised sections) and attached it to a printed card base. The quilling was again done with 1.5mm strips. I have a friend who ONLY quills in this width, and every time I see her work I am struck by the beauty and delicacy of the motifs she creates. It makes 3mm work appear quite chunky in comparison.

Here's a close-up of the quilling on the embossed background. I think I am going to have fun with this ...


  1. Very nice try outs!!!! Happy about ur cuttlebug gift....Hope to c some more combos of embossing and quilling....

  2. Beautiful and original cards like always! I think now we will have more beautiful combinations of quilling and paper on the cards! I am very happy for you! Wish you to have lot of fun with new device:)

  3. WOW!!! Happy you! What a great gift....a cuttlebug. Now your creativity will have no limits.Embosed card looks more elegant, I just love this technique!!! I have a cut and embossing machine, but....I have only a few die cut and embosing. Unfortunately, in my country are not too many tools for paper craft.

  4. I have a cuttlebug and now that I've seen these I may have to just pull it out and do some playing. Your cards are great

  5. congratulations on your effort is very well done
    I think it's beautiful!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. A new tool to play with! Cards Look good!

  7. very nice cards,love the embossing!.Like how you just brushed the color on the part of embossed thats raised, nice touch!!!

  8. Congratulations on your new cuttlebug Philippa. These are lovely. I like the way you have brushed on the embossed part for the second one.

  9. Очаровательно! так мило и прелестно!!!

  10. Hi Philippa, how are you???....hope you'll be fine...always...
    Congratulation on your new lovely card, dear
    and..... Happy Birthday, wish you all the best...
    Happy embossing.... :)

    super hugs,



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