Thursday, 13 October 2011

Vortex coil earrings

Word seems to be spreading about my quilled jewellery ... and I'm getting all sorts of requests, ranging from "Can you replace the clasp on this necklace?" to "Can you make something like this in quilling?"

Well, I always like to help if I can. So, when a friend asked me recently if I could re-create an earring design like the one below using quilling strips, I was happy to try and rise to the challenge.

The original piece was made from metal, with bright yellow enamelling. I decided to reproduce the diamond shape for each earring using vortex coils created from pairs of yellow strips (one crimped, one not) to make a fairly solid background.  Having bordered both diamonds with silver strips, I created each of the silver chevrons from two marquise shapes which I had made using crimped yellow strips edged with holographic silver for an extra sparkly effect. These, again, were bordered with silver. To strengthen the pieces, I applied PVA glue around the sides and all over the back of both earrings before attaching metal posts and varnishing, as I wanted to be sure that the centres of the vortexes would not push out when taking the earrings on and off. Here's the end result:


  1. Beautiful!
    I loved the style!

  2. Great!! It looks exactly the same!!

  3. wonderful work I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  4. Very nice Earrings.....


  5. Those are really pretty. You did a great job at recreating those earrings

  6. wow there gorgeous, what a great copy of the real ones!!!!

  7. WOW! These are lovely. Love your silver bordered strips. You have used them well.

  8. Unbelieveble! I love them and you really pushed the limits of traditional quilling with them!



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