Monday, 28 May 2012

Some flowers for summer!

No new posts here on Quilliance for over a week - what's been happening?  Am I slowing up?  Well, no, not at all .... it's just that I now seem to be moving away from making quick-fire quilled cards, and concentrating more on larger projects such as framed pictures, which take me longer to complete.

So, here's the first one I'd like to share with you: it's a floral picture, set on top of a mount, which has been inspired by the beautiful work I regularly see online from my Blogger friends Neli and Baukje.  I'm keen to experiment with making different types of flowers, and I read an article recently about using punched shapes to create interesting flower centres which is exactly what I've done for the purple bloom here - I actually utilised a Christmas punch in the shape of a sprig of three tiny holly leaves! Two offset leaf sprigs punched out of yellow paper and curled up inside each other created exactly the effect that I wanted to achieve!

Meanwhile, I've just received my NAQGCON competition entries safely back from America - no prizes for me this time, but it's been a really exciting experience to participate in such an important event on the international quilling calendar.  To add to my excitement, this video clip from American TV has recently been posted on YouTube, and I was delighted to see my quilled woodpecker picture on display in the background to one of the interviews (you can catch a good glimpse of it at 54 seconds into the clip).  I've decided not to reveal this picture fully on my blog just yet, because I'm thinking of entering it into one of the Quilling Guild competitions here in the UK in September ... but I just couldn't resist celebrating its unscheduled TV debut!


  1. Beautiful project, Philippa!!!Love the shapes!

  2. oh this is gorgeous Philippa, love it!
    Sorry you didnt win any prizes,but just the excitement of being able to show your work is awesome.
    I have worn the earrings that you made and have gotten alot of compliments on them, and let them know I didnt make them , that I recieved them from you and where your from, they thought that was awesome, thanks again, hugs Paula

  3. This is very nice! Neli and Baukje are immense source of inspiration! Sorry there is no prize at NAQGCON competition, but I'm sure others have noticed your work. Anyway, better luck next time.

  4. Beautiful colours on new flowers-there's a new beggining and that's all that matter!The new project is lovely!

  5. I love this! I just finished a birthday card with something similar to this! Your work is amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next...
    Could you check out my projects? I would love feed back from you...

  6. Lovely multistrips coils philippa. pretty card!

  7. bella composizione in quilling ,brava passa da me



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