Saturday, 2 June 2012

Two of my quilled pictures now on sale at Gallery Fifty Five!

This morning, I visited Gallery Fifty Five in Hartley Wintney (a village in Hampshire, southern England) where I already have some quilled jewellery on sale. To my delight, the gallery owner was very enthusiastic about the two new quilled pictures which I took along to show her ... and now she is going to display them for sale alongside my brooches and earrings!

Both these pictures have been featured here on Quilliance before, but now I have framed them and it was actually a relief to get them safely protected behind glass! I purchased these deep shadow frames in Ikea, and I've found they are perfect for displaying layered quillings or multi-media collages like these.

I thought my "Summer Flowers" looked quite dramatic inside a black frame ...

... and I decided to use a white one for this very abstract piece which I've called "Shard". This design actually pays homage to a dramatic new building which now dominates the skyline in central London, and which is called "The Shard". It is so named because it actually does look like a jagged shard of glass, and I've tried to echo the shape in the triangular background to my collage-style gold 'tiles'.

This one may not be to everybody's taste, but I like to experiment with less traditional images from time to time, and it's exciting to try and incorporate quilling into subjects which are literally 'cutting edge'!!

We're hoping that the display of these pictures will help to stimulate interest in my upcoming quilling workshop for beginners which is to be held at the gallery on 23rd June 2012. Further information is available under the 'Workshops' tab on the Gallery Fifty Five website which you can visit by clicking here.


  1. Congratulations!
    I am very happy with your success! His works are beautiful, creative ...

  2. I think your creations are unique and I love them-they reprezent you,as a special lady!
    hugs and cheers

  3. Wow...thatz a great news....Great...

  4. Brilliant! I love you work Greetings Baukje

  5. Hey, deserve it....

  6. The summer flower looks so astounding..

  7. Both pictures are beautiful! Summer flowers really look especially nice! Congratulations!

  8. Your work is a wonderful addition to Gallery Fifty Five.

  9. congrats, they both look great in the frames,and happy that your teaching the arts of quilling!!!



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