Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Where are you now?

Quilled floral sculpture by Philippa Reid
Quilled floral sculpture, a photo by Philippa Reid on Flickr.
Here's the little 'quilled miniature' that I sent over to South Bend, Indiana, for this year's North American Quilling Guild (NAQGCON) competition.

To avoid the expense and hassle of having the piece returned to me here in the UK, I donated it to the NAQGCON raffle at the end of the event, so I have no idea who won it ... I wonder where my little quilled floral sculpture is now?

My piece did not win an award, but that's fine - the quilling that received all the votes in the category is beautiful, and a very worthy winner! But, to be honest, I am DEEPLY disappointed that it has taken three whole months until the publication of Quill America magazine to find out the results of the competitions. I can hardly believe that it has taken all this time to find out how I fared!

Never mind, though - things are going to be very different at the UK-based Quilling Guild's 30th Anniversary Celebration of Quilling in Liverpool this weekend! Technology permitting, we are planning to publish 'live' news and photos from this exciting international quilling festival on the Quilling Guild Facebook Group page throughout the course of the event, so that an eager audience of quillers across the world can share in the excitement of this very special celebration.

If you're on Facebook, simply sign in via this link to see it:
Liverpool, here I come ... I can hardly wait!!


  1. This is such a beautiful and cute piece! I am sure he (I don't know why he looks like a he to me) is making someone happy.
    So that's a way I can enter NAQG competitions..... or QG competitions. I would love to try out for the accreditation.
    And I empathise about the delay. I am still waiting to hear whether some of my photos can be published on US site.

    But still, you made this beautiful piece. Can I ask about its size and the paper widths you used. You so very original!

  2. Thanks Zoe! The whole piece is just four inches (10cm) high. The two 'P' coils that form the base were made from 1cm wide strips of light white card. The decorative quilling was done with 3mm and 1.5mm strips. The base is a small disc formed from a punched-out piece of card and covered with silver gift-wrap paper. Philippa

  3. your piece is very nice. a shame you had to wait that long to find out how you did though



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