Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Art Nouveau style quilled coils

This week, I'm experimenting with 'Art Nouveau' style coils which Jane Jenkins describes in her excellent book 'Quilling Techniques and Inspiration' as "Charles Rennie Mackintosh style roses" after the work of the famous Scottish designer from the 1930s. To make these, you glue different colour strips together and bend (in short lengths) rather than roll the coils.  By using three different colour strips glued together as described in my earlier post On a roll!!, I've created quilled flowers for these two cards.

I'm pleased with the result - I think they look really different.

Meanwhile, I've been asked to make a larger stock of cards to sell down at the cafe, which I'm really pleased about. Any excuse to do more quilling!!!


  1. You know I love your work. These cards are beautiful! Congratulations and Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Nagela - you are so very kind! I wish you a very happy Easter, too!



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