Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quilling at the right angle?

I needed to replace the '2 year old' age card in my market stock this week, so had a go at quilling the multi-coloured kite shown here. It was MUCH more difficult than I expected, because you have to create four matching 90 degree triangles and position them so that the right angles meet together in the middle to create a diamond. I rolled the coils OK, but found that pinching them consistently into the same shape with corresponding length sides was quite a challenge. Has anyone got any tips for doing this? Or did I miss something when I was learning my quilling basics?

The background for this card is my photo of the rainbow colours which I discovered in my kitchen sink a few months ago, caused by light refracted through a bottle of clear cleaning fluid! it makes a great background for all kinds of design, because you can choose any colours for quilling and know that they will match.

Because the kite was tricky to make, I'm not now sure whether I like this card or not!

But here's another Easter card that I am quite pleased with, created using a photo that I took of a gorgeous bunch of daffodil flowers last week.


  1. Sweet cards! The rainbow background is wonderful - what a great idea. hmmm, think I'll just dodge the question of how to make any shape the exact size of another by saying it takes practice. Perhaps you could measure the lengths of the sides of the first rectangle and then keep the ruler handy so you can pinch the next ones at the exact same spots. I know just how you feel... I once spent a couple of hours trying to make two duck feet that matched. :-)

  2. It's good to know I'm not the only one!



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