Thursday, 25 March 2010

Right angle quilling challenge: solved!!

In my last post, I was complaining about how difficult it was to create equal-sized right angle triangles out of loose quilled coils in order to make a kite motif. Surely it should not be such a challenge? So I had another go - and I think I've found the answer! This card is the result:

Here's my solution to the problem. First, make four same-size loose coils.

Next, pinch them into teardrops and glue together in pairs, as shown.

Then, flatten the edges of each glued pair to create the necessary right angles.

Finally, you can glue the flattened pairs together to make a diamond shape, which forms the body of the kite.

The photographed view on the card, by the way, was taken looking across Pagham Harbour in the south of England, where I went last Sunday. The sun came out, and the blue sky was reflected in the water, creating fabulous colours. Pagham is a great place to go and see wading birds, which feed there in their thousands when the tide is low. It's a wonderful sight!

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