Thursday, 22 September 2011

My second 'secret' quilling!

Here's the other quilling I had been keeping 'under wraps' until after this year's Quilling Guild display of work was over.

It's another little 'sculpture', this time featuring a lily pond with a tree and a base of blue coils which hopefully give the impression of rippling water - well, that was the intention, anyway!

I created this piece a couple of months ago during my active 'vortex coil period' (which regular followers of Quilliance will no doubt remember!!)  I had the idea for the water first, as vortex coils seem to be the perfect medium for this! Then I made the willow tree out of two wide brown iris folding strips joined together along the sides, which I folded and pressed to form a solid vortexed trunk. I decided to decorate it with a few tiny solid dark brown vortexes (?vortices) whose centres have been pushed out and glued into place - these are meant to suggest gnarls on the tree trunk. Then all it needed was a little extra decoration in terms of some ivy and a leafy section at the top. It's meant to be a 'pollarded' willow, by the way, which you often see close to streams and rivers in England. (Pollarding means that that tree has been cut down very low in order to encourage 'bushy' growth.) I spread glue over the vortex coils on the underside of the pond in order to create a solid base.

I entered this into the 'Freestanding Quilling' section of the competition, and here it is in the bottom left hand section of the competition table - now, I did start out by saying it was 'little' didn't I?!!

Anyway, no prizes here, but I did learn a lot about vortex coils in the process of making it - and I was actually quite pleased with my water lily flower:


  1. hahaha. it's really very 'little'. i was still looking for it until i read the line 'left hand section' and 'little'. recognised the shade of green from the pic.

  2. It's funny how when you see something in a picture the size can be so deceiving. It looks like it would be much larger in the first picture. Quite lovely and a shame you didn't win a prize with it.

  3. I like your little "sculpture". It is a nice work with beautiful colors.

  4. I agree with Ann on the size can be decieving,its so tiny, love it ,sorry you didnt win on that, you did a great job!!!

  5. Wow! This mini sculpture is so beautiful and delicate, so tinny! Love how you made the water! Sorry you didn't win a prize with it!

  6. For what it's worth, I think your quilled water lily design is fabulous, Philippa. And the size doesn't matter. You know small takes more work at times. So happy you entered. Love your design and I think it the thought process how to do it is very clever. Thanks for sharing these pieces! xo



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