Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Quilling a cross stitch pattern

I'm finally getting organised again after my holiday. The laundry is done, the housework is 'in progress' ... and I've re-stocked my box of quilled cards for the market which was getting seriously depleted before I went away. So, finally, I'm able to get down to some new quilling projects - one of which is something that I've never tried before.

I recently picked up a lovely book containing cross stitch patterns. Now, I have absolutely no affinity with needles and threads whatsoever, but it did occur to me that some of the patterns in the book could easily be translated into some interesting quilling.

Cross stitch patterns are presented as squares of colour on a graph paper grid. So what I've done is scanned a sheet of this squared paper, imported it into my computer and then printed a section of it on to the front of a card. I did not want the grid to appear too prominent, so I used my graphics software to pull it into an oval shape with softly 'feathered' edges, printing it at low opacity so that it does not appear too dark. I think the end result actually makes quite an attractive background for some brightly coloured coils.

Anyway, I've only got part way with this flower pattern so far, but at least you can see where it's going! I've been working with tiny open coils made from 2cm lengths of 1.5mm quilling strips, placing each coil on to a little drop of glue inside each square on the grid. It's just a question of following the pattern to see which squares have to be filled and which colours to use.

My flower is taking shape, as you can see here, and I'll post a picture of the end result as soon as I have finished. There are loads of wonderful cross stitch patterns available, so I think this method of quilling could have some interesting potential. Watch this space ...


  1. Looking forward eagerly to see the end results of you new experiment Philipa. I am sure it is going to be wonderful cause you always come out with something beautiful and elegant

  2. genius .. I love how you always bring up unexpected new ideas :)
    can't wait to see a full project ..

  3. Uh, it's going to be really good! I'l follow what you do!!!
    not so much quilling-Suzana

  4. So happy you are able to sit and do what you want - and something this challenging. I've used cross-stitch patterns for ideas but not what you are doing. Before I started quilling, my craft was cross-stitch. It looks great so far.
    ~Molly xo

  5. what a creative idea, cant wait to see the finished project!!!!

  6. Philippa
    It's very interesting that their approach. I have used arrays in some cross-stitch work and loved the results. I'm sure your flowers will be wonderful.
    A good week!

  7. what a wonderful idea it was going to try thank you
    Greetings Baukje

  8. Interesting experiment.
    I also love cross stitch

  9. Philippa you come up with the most brilliant ideas. I love this. I can't wait to see it when it's done.

  10. Hmm this is a good idea. I have few cross stitch patterns that I could use. I do a little bit of cross stitching when I'm out and about because is easy to carry everywhere but you gave me a great idea. I'll look forward to see the end product.

  11. Thanks so much, everyone!! I hope to finish the flower next week, having already been side-tracked by another project! This 'cross stitch' technique is quite fiddly and time-consuming to do, but I think the end result will be good. I'll post a picture as soon as I can.



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