Monday, 26 September 2011

A shiny new quilled card design

Well, now that I've come back down to earth after all the excitement of last week, I've been getting back to my card-making once again. I decided, however, that it's time for a bit of a 'new look', so I've been experimenting with some speciality quilling strips and some different typography.

When I attended The Quilling Guild's AGM and Display of Work earlier this month, I was fascinated to browse through the  merchandise on offer from the various traders who were there. One of the items I bought was a pack of gorgeous 'holofoil' edged strips from JJ Quilling, and I've used them in this new twisted husking motif. As I hope you can see from this photograph, the yellow strips are edged in holographic silver, which catches the light in a fantastic way. The green strips I used are also edged with metallic green.

I chose colours for my quilling that would complement the dramatic daisy flower that I have used as the background for this card. I managed to 'extract' the flower from its background in Photoshop, and reproduce it in different sizes to make up the design. (I took the picture of this flower on my recent holiday in the Isles of Scilly, where the profusion of unusual blooms at this time of year really has to be seen to be believed!) The typeface I've used for the greeting is Zapfino, and I quite like the resulting handwritten effect.


  1. You are a Photoshopping wizard, Philippa! Very pretty card and I love the font you chose too.

  2. Lovely shiny strips


  3. beautiful card!
    Greetings Baukje

  4. lovely card, love the strips, nice effect!!!

  5. These metallic edged strips are wonderful. I've used them in so many cards and they always look 'special'. I like your abstract design, Philippa.

  6. Very beautiful card! I love how you make these cards with images and quilling! The daisy is lovely and very well matching the quilling and new font!

  7. Beautiful colors and design!!!

  8. very pretty design and I love the holographic edging on the paper

  9. Много стил и красота!



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