Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Floral filigree

On Sunday we visited some beautiful gardens in the lovely Hampshire village of Stockbridge. It's a favourite place of ours, as it has elegant historic architecture, interesting shops, pleasant cafes and some beautiful water meadows where you can stroll peacefully through the grass and buttercups on a summer's day. Stockbridge has lots of sparkling streams which run into the River Test; one of them passes right beneath the high street, and you can usually see brown trout swimming in the crystal clear waters. Several of the gardens that we visited had streams running beside them, and all were full of fantastic summer flowers in full bloom.

Of course I had my camera with me, and took loads of colourful shots which will end up in card designs sooner or later. Here's the first one that I finished today:

I reduced the main picture to 70% opacity so that it's not too dark, and then I have added a small 100% opacity 'thumbnail' shot in the bottom left hand corner which I thought would be ideal for quilling around. The flower is - I believe - a dahlia, and I loved the shades of pink in its petals against the background of surprisingly dark leaves.

I've also printed another card ready for quilling, but I can't quite decide what to do! I don't think it needs another bee, because there are two of those already. I could just do some more abstract filigree ('P' coils, 'S' coils, marquises etc), but then it will probably be a bit too similar to the other card. Any suggestions?


  1. Stockbridge sounds like a lovely place. I really like the way you did that first card. I would go for the same concept on the second just a different design.

  2. I agree with Ann.
    Very nice!

  3. Beautiful the way you have used the scrolls! You can add quilled elements to the other three corners of your card.



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