Wednesday, 28 July 2010

More flowers from Stockbridge!

Thanks to all of you who commented on yesterday's post, inspiring me to do some more filigree work! I hope to finish the second card very soon.

Meanwhile, here's another card featuring flowers from one of the gardens I visited in Stockbridge on Sunday. I think this plant is a kind of clematis, and I just loved the look of the purple petals against the pink, lilac and yellow colours of the spiky middle part. When it comes to finding inspiration for quilling, we really need look no further than the beauty of flowers!


  1. flowers and quilling do seem to go well together. That's another beautiful card.

  2. Thanks, Ann - I must admit I'm quite pleased with this one! And I also think that you can't go wrong copying colour combinations from nature, looking at things like flowers, birds and butterfly wings.

  3. Very pretty. Good design I love your card!

  4. Thanks, Nagela - I love these flowers! Also, I'm so glad that you have moved your blog to Blogger now, as it's much easier for me to follow and leave comments.



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