Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Quilled bug on a mystery background

I went to a charity coffee morning yesterday and sold a few cards. As I was there for several hours, I decided to take along a bit of quilling to do - and made this little bug, which I thought looked quite striking in plain black and white.

Today I mounted it on this card, thinking that it needed some really fresh and bright colours as a background. Can anyone guess what the background actually is?

Believe it or not, the colours come from a photo of wine bottles lying on shelves which have been mounted against a mirror in a restaurant, creating some fabulous reflections.

It's rose wine - can you see the bottles now?

The shot is quite 'pixilated' because I cropped it really small, but I love the effect. Hopefully, my little black and white bug appreciates it too!


  1. I couldn't tell that it was wine bottles but it sure does look pretty with that bug sitting on it.

  2. So pretty! The wine bottles make a lovely background.

  3. Your bug looks beautiful! Love your style of quilling.



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