Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A pair of quilled poinsettias

Still on the earrings theme, I've just finished another new style for Christmas featuring poinsettia flowers. The petals are made in two groups of three, glued on top of one another in a offset position. This means that I had to mount the quilled fixing ring on the side of one of the lower petals, but I think it works OK. This design looks particularly 'Christmassy' to me, but I'm sure the same method could be used to create other summery-looking styles of floral earrings. So that's another idea to add to the 'to do' list ....!

Meanwhile, I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who responded so favourably to my earlier post '2D quilling - an extra dimension'. I've had so many compliments, my head is in danger of swelling! I think there's real mileage in this idea for quillers who want to create the illusion of depth in their work. Also, I've just had a repeat order from a customer for my 'fantasy flower' card which used a photo of a simple wall-growing plant as a 'leaf' background, so now I'm more convinced than ever that quilling and photography can be complementary arts.


  1. Very nice poinsettia earrings. You're so good at those.
    Go ahead and let that head swell you deserve the praise for your work :) I agree that quilling and photography are excellent partners.

  2. Thanks, Ann. I've just packaged them up for this Friday's market. And now my head's swelling even more ... :)

  3. Its a great idea , It looks good, It is glued only at the pointed edges of the petals, how do you glue to make your earrings sturdy?.

  4. Suganthi, I use PVA glue which dries clear, applied in small amounts with a cocktail stick. I make sure that the glue on the end of each petal has dried very well before putting the two sections of each flower on top of each other. And then, when the whole flower is assembled and dry, I brush all round the edges and joins with glue again to make it very strong. Then when that is dry I spray with varnish - this also helps to strengthen the flower.

  5. Thanks Philippa , that was a great tip.

  6. Hello Philippa,

    Beautiful and delicate!
    Continue to exercise your creativity and doing work so beautiful. Good weekend!

  7. Thanks, Nagela - I'm pleased to say that these earrings were sold yesterday, the very first time I took them to the market!



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