Thursday, 19 May 2011

At last ... another flower design!

I really don't know where this past week has gone! Ever since the night of my quilling demo last week, I literally haven't stopped!  Thursday was the demo, Friday my normal market, Saturday another special market, Sunday - out all day. Then Monday. Well, I did manage a post, but then I had to stock up again because of all the cards I had sold, plus make some special orders (quill, quill, quill ...), then yesterday I was out all day - and now, well it's Thursday already and I'm getting ready for the market tomorrow all over again.  Hopefully next week will be MUCH quieter, so that I can finally finish off the floral card I've been making for our local village show.

You've seen the water lily, but now here's a close-up of two more tiny little flowers that I've made using eccentric coils and some simple little teardrop leaves. You can't really see it here, but the inner pale blue sections are made from metallic edged strips.

I've actually got two more flower designs saved up to show you in future posts, and I've also been making various items of foliage (swirls and marquises) in different shades of green. This card is going to take me a long time to assemble because there is so much quilling, and now I'm worried that it may be a bit too busy ... but I'll let you be the judge of that when I finally post the finished design. Maybe next week?


  1. You have been a busy one. Doesn't sound like you'll have a break any time soon either. I like the new flowers and I can't wait to see the finished card

  2. Красивые цветочки.

  3. What pretty flowers, can't wait for the other posts to see what lovely things you have for us! Hugs, antonella :-)

  4. I'll try and post the other flowers over the next few days. Thanks everyone!

  5. Philippa,
    I love this job!
    You're always innovating.
    Good weekend!



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