Wednesday, 4 May 2011

An eyelet coil!

Do you remember the lilac card that I made a few days ago? Well, I sold it at the market on Friday, and wanted to make another for my card box - but with some different quilling. (Don't like to keep repeating myself!!) Now, don't ask me why, but suddenly I was moved to have a go at winding a coil around a metal eyelet ... and here's the result:
I made the inner coil from a bundle of crimped strips that I had left over from quilling a husked bluebell flower - just ran them together through the crimper and wound them around a metal eyelet. After gluing, I flattened the underside of the eyelet with a hammer so that the little metal flanges grip the paper. Then I went a bit mad and added a zig-zag and some circles. I think the whole thing looks a bit like a shooting star, but in lilac colours LOL!! And, surprisingly, it looks OK on the card background I think!
I promise to do something a bit more conventional tomorrow ...!


  1. very nice philippa. The first picture is so eye catching.

  2. neat idea with the eyelet, flower is cool, goes well with the printed flowers!!!!!

  3. Philippa this is very nice.Such an unusual way of doing things I think unconventional suits you! I like the shape and the double textured papers. Such a nice way to combine the crimped and the plain quilling strips!
    Keep crafting

  4. It looks more than OK, I think it looks terrific. What a clever idea. You never stop coming up with new ideas.

  5. I love your design. The metal eyelet center looks neat and different. I love the star-flower too, especially the crimping! ~Molly

  6. So you like the eyelet, then? I'll have to try some more experiments ...

  7. Открытка чудесная! Очень оригинально получилось!



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