Sunday, 13 November 2011

Another quilled 'scribble'!

I sold this card almost as soon as I had made it ... and so I very nearly forgot to post it to my blog!  It's actually just another of those random quilled 'scribbles' that are made by coiling the first few centimetres of a strip, then inserting a slotted tool at various intervals along its length to create a succession of twists and turns. (There's another example in my previous post.) When you let the twisted strip relax, it settles into an interesting abstract shape which can then be secured by gluing down the end just as you would do with a conventional closed coil. I used two contrasting strips to make this 'scribble', and decided that it would look OK on a plain background of matted squares. Well, at least one other person must share my 'off the wall' tastes, because it quickly found a buyer at our Friday market.

I'm sure most quillers would agree that paper strips sometimes seem to have minds of their own - and I guess this proves that interesting effects can sometimes be created as a result of 'happy accidents'! Or maybe it just appeals to me because I prefer to quill straight from my head (or twisted mind?) rather than following a pattern. One thing's for sure - it's a unique design and will definitely stay that way, as I couldn't even produce it again myself!!


  1. your card looks gorgeous again I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. I can see why it would sell quickly. It reminds me of Picasso's artwork.

  3. I can see a baby elephant with golden wings:)

  4. I love this card, Philippa! The quilled scribble looks like and elephant with wings (the yellow part being the wings). I wonder what others are making of this? It's open to interpretation :)


  5. So nice....Same thought...Baby elephant with golden wings... :)

  6. oh my great idea, Philippa...


  7. I wish my handwriting looks as nice as your quilled scribble :)

  8. I agree with comments about elephant look with golden wings. Interesting idea, Philippa. It fits perfectly and is obvious that you enjoy more and more in quilling and feel so free to try different ways of quilling.



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