Monday, 7 November 2011

Some more embossing ...

Now that the excitement of the blog hop is over, I'm getting back to making some new cards. Thanks to everyone who kindly commented on my 'Sweet leaves of autumn' post - I hope I have managed to reply to them all, except the ones whose e-mail addresses are not made public on Blogger. So a special thank you goes to those friends as well!

I've been enjoying playing with my new Cuttlebug machine, and have managed to create some new embossed backgrounds for my quilling.

For this card, I first used my 'swirly' embossing folder to make a central patterned section on the front, and then added a square mat of purple mulberry paper which I have also embossed. The mulberry paper is mounted on top of a blue paper mat. I also added a heart shape stamped out of gold paper. The quilling is done in my favourite purple strips which are edged with gold.  I think it creates quite a regal feel!

The second card utilises a mat of gold paper which I first embossed before stamping out in a crimped oval shape. This has then been mounted on a printed background.  I created a 'random' piece of quilling using a gold strip which I coiled a little bit to start and then crimped/twisted at intervals down the length of the strip using a slotted tool. The resulting abstract shape assembled itself quite naturally into an interesting kind of 'scribble' which I have glued onto the card. Just don't ask me to try and make another one the same!!


  1. Philippa....Really enjoyed seeing these embossed cards with quilling...And also the free style swirls....

  2. love how you exspirement and create your own designs, very nice, love the embossed backgrounds!!

  3. They look great. I have that swirly embossing folder. I like that one

  4. Lovely cards! The embossed paper is matching very well the quilled shapes! Love the scibble:) And I think this is the magic of quilling, not two identical shapes.

  5. you make beautiful creations I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. The embossed paper looks really nice :) Great idea!

  7. The card with a heart is my favourite! Love the embossing, the purple strips with gold,the layers... Just love it! I wish I could touch it!



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