Monday, 14 November 2011

A new 'scribble' for Christmas

Well, my last quilled 'scribble' really wasn't intended to be a flying baby elephant, but so many of you saw the same image in it that I can now no longer look at it in any other way!!

These 'scribbled' images are proving to be rather fun, and it's very interesting to hear the different interpretations that people put on an abstract shape - a bit like those psychological 'ink blot' tests where you are asked to describe what images you see in random blobs or splashes of paint!

Anyway, encouraged by the very positive comments I've been receiving about these, here's another quilled 'scribble' design which I thought would make an unusual card for Christmas. You can't see the colours very clearly in this shot, but the darker strip is actually a deep metallic green. Obviously there's a suggestion of holly berries, greenery and maybe even a candle flame ... but I can't wait to find out just what other people see in it!


  1. It looks like a bunny on a hat on an ant to me Philippa :D So cute!

  2. they are like ink blots, everyone is going to really look at them to see what they can see, I see a bird at the top, then a bell below with greenery!!!

  3. Philippa,
    His creativity has no limits!

  4. Ok I may be a little out there but I see a

  5. what a beautiful creation!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. This is so much fun!!!
    I see a bird, tiny one like flamingo, on skate :)


  7. You really are like Picasso! I saw a bird, then everything the others said... and after reading your ideas I feel it ready for Christmas. So funny indeed your scribles :D



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