Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another new quilled pendant

I'm really getting into the swing of making these pendants on a shaped background ... this one's very different from the others because I've used a black background shape, but I think it looks quite 'dressy' with the silver and gold quilling strips that I used for the motif. Now that I've put the varnish on, it's very shiny too!

I've also been busy making this pendant:

and these leaf-shaped earrings:

I've sold the earrings, but there have been no takers for the pendants yet! Still, there's always next week's market ...


  1. I just liked the designs of the pendant...So nice...

  2. I really love the blue pendant, and the earings are lovely, your getten pretty good at making these!!!

  3. Awesome creations!! Are the pendants made on paper or anything else?? Tx....=)

  4. very pretty and creative. Love how they shine



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