Friday, 9 December 2011

Some more beehive quilling: doing the double!

As I predicted yesterday, 'beehive quilling' is really taking off ... and I couldn't resist having another go myself, with - as you'd expect! - a few Quilliance-style twists thrown in!!

First I made two teardrop shaped open rings and set about filling them with beehive swirls. As you'll see, the swirls are multi-coloured - that's because I worked with long strips made up of several different colours joined together. Once I had packed out the teardrops with my swirls, there were a few gaps that I wanted to fill. So, in each case, I picked a short length of strip to match/complement the adjacent swirl colour, and did some more twisting to make an infill piece - the result is swirls within swirls, or maybe even a double-beehive effect!

I've mounted my teardrops together on a card as you can see here, with a printed blue background panel and two scallop-shaped cut-outs to which the quilling is glued. Two simple 'P' coils join it all together. Fun!!


  1. Beat me to it Philippa! :D I am just working on something similar :)

  2. Oh, love the colours and swirls!

  3. you're so creative Philippa. Your way to make it is right. This is so beautiful creation.
    One most important of beehive technique is the swirls have to arrange just from one long strip, not arranging from some swirls then put in one by one.

    Ok, Phillipa, well done. Thank you so much to improve it very well.


  4. Wow....i love the experiment and the end result!!! swirls inside swirls...Lovely!

  5. Interesting design, I like the pretty shapes and colors combination!

  6. love how you used different colors !!!!

  7. congratulations on such a beautiful card!
    Greetings Baukje
    have a good weekend

  8. lovely colors and shapes!

  9. they are very pretty. I love the combination of colors



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