Monday, 5 March 2012

A quilled card for a carpenter

I love getting special orders for cards - but sometimes the requirements are challenging!  The latest request I received was for an 80th birthday card for a man whose main passion in life is carpentry (woodworking). As usual, I decided to work on the digital background first, and came up with a little montage of hammers and saws created using clip art images from Photoshop. While searching for these images, I also noticed a neat little step ladder which I thought might work well as a letter 'A' - so that was the lettering solved!

When it came to the quilling, I opted for a nail and some screw heads, made using metallic strips which I rolled into solid coils. Then all it needed was just a single curly strand of 'wood shaving', created by sequentially twisting a short length of beige 1.5mm strip using a slotted tool. I really hope he likes it!!


  1. Teriffic idea!
    I wouldn't know how to deal with this theme but you did great!

  2. you did great on this one, love the ladder and the quilled nail heads and screws with the shaved wood. I think this is the best of a manly card!!!

  3. amazing how beautiful!
    Greetings Baukje

  4. Very fitting for the recipient

  5. clever card and I love your step ladder A

  6. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. I try to reply direct to everyone whose e-mail address is listed on Blogger ... for those who aren't, please know that I appreciate your comments very much.

  7. This is really clever, Philippa. I find that quilled cards for men are tricky to design - you had the extra challenge of a carpentry theme. Combining the quilling with computer graphics was such a good way to approach it. Thanks for sharing. Meg Crawford



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