Monday, 26 March 2012

Quirky quilling: give a dog a bow!

Right now, I'm trying to finalise my entries for the North American Quilling Guild's competitions at the forthcoming NAQGCON conference. Obviously, I can't reveal too much about what I am doing at the moment ... suffice to say that I've entered six categories, completed my entries for four of them, struggling with the fifth - and have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for the sixth, but hopefully inspiration will strike soon! (Entries have to be in by 20th April, so time is steadily ticking!)

At present, I'm working on a pendant/earrings set for the quilled jewellery category which - as always - seems to be evolving in my head rather than following a plan! I've been experimenting with making heart shapes out of open ring coils (solid rings), and putting filigree patterns inside them. Some of the experiments turned out better than others.  But, you know me - I never like to waste anything! Three of my 'reject' hearts just happened to assemble themselves together in the shape of a ribbon bow, which I decided would look great on a birthday card.

Cards for dog lovers seem to be perennially popular, so I decided to place my 'bow' around the neck of a playful dog that I photographed last year whilst on holiday. This particular dog posed beautifully for me, rolling on his back with a stick in his mouth - but I hadn't managed to use the photograph until now.

Here's a close-up of the bow:

Now, I really must get back to that jewellery ....


  1. I love this and the cute dog seems to be so proud of its bow !
    hugs ,aureliaeugenia

  2. Aw, that bow looks adorable on that cute pup. Cards with animals on them are always popular.

  3. You're always full of new ideas! Pretty bow!

  4. Great combination :) I have nominated you for an award and would love for you to pop over to collect.

  5. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. I try to reply direct to everyone whose e-mail address is listed on Blogger ... for those who aren't, please know that I appreciate your comments very much.



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